An Answer to the question of Windows vs MacOS

Opening Statement

I rely on destop operating system for work and my day-to-day tasks.

Windows and Apple Desktop Operating System Versions I Have Used

In the order of which I was introduced:

No.NameCodenameEst. Duration
1.MS-DOS 7 4-5y (1995-1999)
2.Windows 95Chicago6-7y (1995-2001)
3.Windows 98Memphis2-3y (1999-2001)
4.Windows XPWhistler5-6y (2001-2006)
5.OSX 10.3Panther<1y (2004)
6.Windows XP x64Anvil3-4y (2006-2009)
7.Windows VistaLonghorn<1y (2007)
8.OSX 10.5Leopard<1y (2008)
9.OSX 10.6Snow Leopard4-5y (2008-2012)
10.Windows 7 5-6y (2009-2014)
11.Windows 8 <1y (2012)
12.OSX 10.10Yosemite1y (2014)
13.OSX 10.11El Capitan1y (2015)
14.macOS 10.12Sierra1y (2016)
15.macOS 10.13High Sierra1y (2017)
16.macOS 10.14Mojave1y (2018)
17.macOS 10.15Catalina1y (2019)
18.macOS 11Big Sur1y (2020)
19.macOS 12Monterey1y (2021-2024)
20.Windows 11Sun Valley 2<1y (2024)
    title Years using Microsoft vs Apple desktop OS
    "Microsoft" : 190
    "Apple" : 170

The table and chart above shows that I am desktop OS agnostic. However, there are notable pros and cons of each OS that I want to highlight.

Other Notable Mentions


I first stumbled upon Linux sometime around the year 2000. I have tried various flavours of Linux distros, however none seems to fit my overall needs. That being said, if I have to switch to Linux for my daily driver, I bet I can survive! Tho I would prefer to use stable distros such as Ubuntu or Fedora, I am also keen to try the likes of ElementaryOS or Pop!_OS.


This is actually the dream, minus the bloat codes from Google.

Which One Should I Choose?

Choosing an OS

If you still can’t decide from the flowchart above, ring me up!

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