It’s very easy to say yes
 and take actions for something that,
 in your heart,
 you truly believe is right.
There’s zero doubt.
No regrets.

It’s not so easy though
 to say yes
 and choose the lesser evil
 between two wrongs.
 deep down
 you believe that actions
 need to be taken.
You dip your hands
 into the gutter.

It has to be done.
You take
 of responsibility
 for your actions.

It’s even harder to stay silent.
Because you know that you will never be able to live with yourself
 if you say yes
 to a wrong.
You understand
 that you may never find peace.
But you endure,
 keeping everything inside until one day,
 your silence is heard.

 the decision is yours alone to make.
 Do what you believe in your heart is right.
When you do,
 God willing,
 it will be the right decision.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.