of JavaScript


I was learning HCI on the Web, jumping between fast-moving trains of different domain knowledges. It was not long before I got overwhelmed with the number of trains and railways criss-crossing the Web. I took a step back, and decided to go out on a journey to build my own train.

The First Sighting

My first encounter happened very early during my journey. I was looking for ways to animate stuff on a web page, when suddenly a wild JavaScript appear!

I was young and impatient. I sang to myself “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

I tried picking it up, but it was Super Ineffective!…

… .. .

I was young and impatient. I ran away from the battle.

I got JavaScript entered into my Dɪˈvel.ə.pərdex. That is always a win in my book.

The Hunt

Fast forward to 2015, I was out looking for tools and encountered a wild ES5. And lo behold, it was the same wild JavaScript I encountered years before! It seemed to have evolved since I last saw it.

That’s when I saw it with my own eyes – JavaScript evolving!

I was young and dumb (I have learned patience). I was determined to tame it.

I camped out and observed as it evolves. Every now and then, I try picking it up, but each attempt was still Super Ineffective…

I was young and dumb. I was determined to tame it.

Every time I failed, I made sure to update my Dɪˈvel.ə.pərdex. “Live to fight another day”, I told myself.

I observed some more until one day, during my last battle with JavaScript, I came to a sudden realization.

The Farewell

I recalled the origin story of JavaScript. There were legends and there were historical facts. I considered it for a bit.

“JavaScript belongs in the wild. That was how I encountered it in the first place.”

I learned wisdom!

With a satisfied smile, I ran away from the battle for the last time. I packed and updated my Dɪˈvel.ə.pərdex and moved forward on my journey.

I was young and hopeful. I left JavaScript there. In the wild.


While looking for tools, I managed to pick up a wild but tame Ruby. I brought it along my journey and kept it close with me. Who would have known, it turns out that as my Ruby matures, it also became Super Effective on Rails!

I’m almost done with my train building journey now. I will bring Ruby on Rails to meet JavaScript soon, with the hope that I will finally be able pick it up.

Legend says that JavaScript is still evolving.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.