Malaysia Maritime Association Logo & Website

ProjectLogo & website design
ResponsibilitiesDesign & build
Technology StackAdobe Photoshop, Joomla CMS
RemarkThe website has been discontinued. It was built on top of another Joomla template.

Logo of Malaysian Maritime Association

The logo encapsulates various maritime symbols, underscoring its seafaring essence.

Ropes, fundamental on any vessel, demand precise knotting for safety. The endless loop of the rope signifies members intertwining to fortify and safeguard the association.

The lifebuoy bearing the Persatuan Maritim Malaysia name signifies the association as a trusted resource and sanctuary for its members.

At the heart of the logo, the North Star serves as a poignant reminder of the association’s mission—a guiding light for members navigating uncertain waters.

Website of Malaysian Maritime Association

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